Senior Care at CMH

Located across southwest Missouri are seven healthcare facilities designed to meet the needs of those residents requiring independent living, transitional care, assisted living, residential care, skilled nursing and dementia care in our special care units.

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With over 600+ beds within the CMH healthcare system, Long-Term Care at CMH is positioned to care for your loved one as long as it takes. Click here to view our facilities.  For more information, or to schedule a tour, please contact Kathi Kessinger, RN, director of clinical services at 417-328-6731.

Meet our Administrators

Tim Francka, Administrative Director of LTC East

Chris McBratney, Administrative Director of LTC West

Independent Living

Transitional Care

Dementia Care

Skilled Nursing

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Ash Grove Healthcare Facility

Butterfield Residential Care Center

Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility 

Colonial Springs Healthcare Facility

Community Springs Healthcare Facility

Lake Stockton Healthcare Facility

Parkview Health Care Facility