What is an "Internist?"

Puzzled by the question, "What is an internist?" some assume the medical professional must be a first year student -- like an intern. Actually, an internist is an internal medicine physician who is sometimes referred to as the "doctor's doctor," since they are frequently consulted to help when another physician is puzzled by a diagnosis.


Dallas County Walk-In Hours Available Jan. 11

Dallas County Family Medical Center is completing their clinic expansion, just in time to offer a new service – “Walk-In” hours. Open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., Dallas County Family Medical Center offers convenient care for those patients with minor illnesses and injuries for the entire family – no appointment is necessary.


Partake in Your Patient Portal

In just a few weeks, CMH will be introducing a new version of our patient portal. What a great opportunity for you to get signed up or start using the portal more often.

If you are already a CMH Patient Portal user, you will receive a new log on and password by email. If you aren't yet a user, we'll be publishing a link to where you can sign up and we'll be signing up patients as you come in to CMH for visits.

The new portal is called MyChart.

MyChart includes information from not only the CMH Clinics, but also hospital inpatient and emergency room discharge information. MyChart also includes information for any care you receive at CMH affiliates Ellett Memorial Hospital, Bolivar Medical Center and Ozarks Community Health Center.

You'll find the same features that we've had for many years on the CMH Patient Portal, including:

In addition, you'll have these new features:

You'll also have the ability download a continuity of care document (CCD) that you can take with you to another provider or health care system. You can even transmit that document directly from the portal to another portal or to a personal health record.

At CMH, we take your right to your health information seriously. We know that it is your medical record and that our ability to take care of you depends on accurate information shared with you.

To signup now for the new MyChart patient portal, email kingra@citizensmemorial.com

Denni McColm
Chief Information Officer
Citizens Memorial Hospital


Big Trouble from a Tiny Culprit: MRSA

What started off as a small pimple has bloomed into a major skin infection. How did it happen? The culprit could be methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. “This type of staph infection is resistant to the antibiotics most commonly used to treat skin infections,” says Edemekong Bassey, M.D., board certified physician with CMH Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine Clinic in Bolivar. “While most cases of MRSA aren’t serious, some can potentially be life-threatening.


Want to be Insured? Here's how:

Still wondering the answer to the question, “What is “Obamacare?” Do you feel as if you don’t understand the Affordable Care Act and what the Health Insurance Marketplace means for you? If you are like me, prior to digging into the information on healthcare reform, you had no idea what these things were or how they might affect you and your family.  In this brief post, I hope to clear up some questions for you and give you some general, useful, and down-to-earth information.


Dangerous, Damaging, Decorative Contacts

Your eyes. They allow you to see the soft glow of a sunrise and the first steps of your child. They also enable you to drive a car, watch television and enjoy countless other activities. So why risk your sight?


ADHD Research in Children and Adults

ADHD has been receiving considerable attention over the last twenty years in regards to "What is it? Does it really exist? How do you treat it?"  Within the last ten years a focus has grown over whether or not an individual will ever outgrow ADHD if they had been diagnosed with the condition as a child.

The latest research has focused on "What does the brain of a research participant with a previous diagnosis look like and how is it different from those with no symptoms of the condition when using brain scanning technology (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging- fMRI and Computerized Tomography- CT)?"

There is a difference between those with no symptoms and those with a previous diagnosis and symptoms such as restlessness, impulsivity, and difficulty concentrating on tasks, and forgetfulness.

Brain scans suggest a person with ADHD has a smaller prefrontal lobe which is the part responsible for what is called executive functioning. This would be planning, reasoning, and problem solving. Research suggests typically a 10% difference in size. Other parts of the brain involved with learning and reasoning also appear more diminished in size. The smaller right frontal lobe may be the cause of the inattentive behaviors.

There are several chemicals called neurotransmitters that are being researched as to the roles they play in ADHD. One study of just children found excessive amounts of the chemical glutamate in those with a diagnosis of ADHD and less amounts of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. The last two chemicals are mimicked by the stimulants typically prescribed to those with ADHD.

Now here is the question, "Do you ever outgrow ADHD?" The answer is probably not. At least 50% of those with previous diagnosis continue to demonstrate symptoms into adulthood. Also, the frontal lobes do mature as a person ages, but seldom reach the development of those with no previous diagnosis. Finally, it appears that we outgrow the typical childhood symptoms, but symptoms remain and present a somewhat different clinical picture.

The next blog will cover current research on medical and non-medical treatments of ADHD.

Thank you,
Richard Boyd, M.A.
Ash Grove Family Medical Center - 417-751-2100
Dade County Family Medical Center - 417-637-5133


Does allergy season have you saying “achoo?”

Spring allergy season is officially upon us!  Are you or someone you know miserable during the warm months due to allergies?   Why suffer any longer?  We can help!  Read our most frequently asked questions and call the CMH ENT & Allergy Clinic today at 417-328-7702 to schedule an appointment.


Cardiovascular Services Facebook Page

CMH Cardiovascular Services' Facebook page is the perfect place for you to find up to date information on heart health - including blood pressure, cholesterol levels and more. 

Click here to "like" CMH Cardiovascular Services.


Care for Expectant Moms

As a mom I always try to do what is best for my kids. Did they brush their teeth? Are they eating healthy enough? But really these are not new ideas for me. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to make sure I made the best decisions I could for her by taking care of myself during pregnancy. 


Facebook Pages

We are delighted to announce the addition of several Facebook pages including Cardiovascular Services, Butterfield Residential Care Center, and The Birth Place, to name a few. 


Get the Help You Need to Quit Smoking

If you’ve tried to quit smoking on your own, you know how hard it can be, because nicotine is extremely addictive. Studies show you have a better chance of success if you have help.


My doctor is a D.O… What does that mean?

My wife and I have seven children, ages  five months to 11 years of age and one of the things I hear them say often in response to something my wife or I say is, “What does that mean?”  It’s amazing how when you start to try to explain something to a child, you realize how hard it is to answer any question clearly.


‘Tis the Season for… Stress

With holidays around the corner, days becoming shorter and to-do lists growing longer, it’s likely if you’re feeling frazzled. Making it worse, stress has a way of making you, well, more stressed! It creeps into your life, saps your energy, and makes you bad-tempered. Did you know that it also harms your health?


Common Questions about Hospice

We have a fantastic and compassionate hospice team here at CMH.  They’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, found below:


Holiday gift ideas for Long Term Care residents

Holiday decorations are already popping up in the Ozarks! As we consider gifts for loved ones this year, consider the following when giving to a loved one or friend who resides in a long term care facility, assisted living facility or residential care center.


Walk Right in to the CMH Walk-In Clinic!

CMH Walk-In Clinic front desk staffWhen illness or injury strike, the Walk-In Clinic is your destination for medical care. What’s so great about the Walk-In Clinic?  Well, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff…


Breast Cancer Survivor Brunch Recap

Last Thursday, breast cancer survivors gathered at the Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center at CMH to celebrate life with family and friends. 


We’re here, there, everywhere!

At CMH, our staff and physicians are all about connecting with you.  Most of the time, this occurs on our campus, and in-person.  But what about when you’re not on campus?  How can you keep up with all that goes on at CMH?


Meet Dr. Chetan Soni

What a busy summer CMH has experienced!  Dr. Chetan Soni joined the medical staff in July and has started seeing patients at the Eye Specialty Center’s new location in the Kerry and Synda Douglas Medical Office Building, located in Bolivar at 1155 W. Parkview St., Suite 1B.  Dr. Soni sat down with the CMH marketing staff to answer a few questions about ophthalmology, among other things.  Meet Dr. Soni, below:


What is Home Medical Equipment?

What is Home Medical Equipment?

Citizens Memorial Home Medical Equipment is a full service Durable Medical Equipment Provider for the entire family!  Home Medical Equipment has a trusted, competent staff of customer service personnel, who will greet you upon entering any of our eight locations.


Add Immunizations to Your Back-to-School List

Summer is fading and it's time to start thinking back to school. Is your child ready? Not only do they need crayons, pens, folders, and a backpack, but they may be in need of immunizations to keep them healthy while they learn. Immunizations are an important part of preventative care, not only for the child themselves, but also for others in the community. As you get that list for school supplies, here's another item you’ll want to make note of: a vaccine schedule!


Save the Date for the Burgundy Ball


For more information about the Burgundy Ball call 417-328-6010.


CMH offers Childbirth classes

CMH helps mothers prepare for their labory and delivery by offering a series of childbirth classes. Classes include information about what to expect before, during and after the delivery.


Kicking the Heat!

Over the last few weeks, the weather in the Ozarks has been consistently humid and HOT.  Regardless of our age, weather affects how we work and play outdoors.  With temperatures consistently near or above 100 degrees, we thought a few tips on identifying and treating heat rash, heat exhaustion and heat stroke were in order.    


Golf Classic Snapshots

Sixty teams made their way to the CMH Medical Excellence Golf Classic on Saturday, June 2.  With teams playing in the morning and afternoon, Silo Ridge Golf & Country Club in Bolivar was buzzing all day!  The highlight of the 22nd annual golf classic was the awards ceremony, held post-tournament play. 


Medical Excellence Scholarship

The first Saturday in June marks the 22nd annual Medical Excellence Golf Tournament, held at Silo Ridge Country Club in Bolivar.  The tournament sponsors the Medical Excellence Scholarship, given to promising men and women who desire to make their career in healthcare.  To date, $2 million has been given out in scholarships to students across southwest Missouri.


Emergency Medical Services Week

Emergency Medical Services are of great importance to the communities we serve.  Our EMTs and paramedics are on the front lines of medicine, providing comfort and care to patients and their families.  This week is national Emergency Medical Services week.  All across the nation, communities are coming together to honor their EMS personnel.  Should you come in contact with a CMH EMT or paramedic, please say thank you.  Often, they put their personal safety and lives on the line to save yours.


National Long Term Care Week

This week is National Long Term Care Week and with that, we’d like to thank the Foundation staff for their hard work in continually providing high standards of care to our residents, whether they require a short or long term stay.  And, thank you to the families who entrust their loved ones into our care.  We take great pride in your choice of CMH facilities, and look forward to meeting you at activities hosted throughout the year.


One FAST Option

As a physician, I have the opportunity to see patients who are active and have developed chronic overuse injuries, and therefore experience tendon pain in upper and/or lower limbs.  The pain my patients feel in their tendons may be classified in one of two ways:


Wanted: High School Students

Do you know of a high school student whose passion is helping others?  Are they interested in a career in the medical field?  We have a place for them THIS SUMMER at CMH!


Will You Join Me?

Today, April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day, and I hope you will join me in taking time to discuss your healthcare wishes and even put them in writing.  No matter how young or old we are, all of us should be prepared in the event of a health crisis. Healthcare decisions can feel uncomfortable to talk about, but these conversations are critical to you and your family.


What is Occupational Therapy?

In your lifetime, did you know someone who broke a bone?  Maybe in third grade, “Bobby Jones” was swinging too hard and flipped off the monkey bars, landing on and breaking his arm.  Or maybe you’ve known of someone who was elderly and had difficulty caring for themselves in their own home.  In both instances, occupational therapy would have allowed both individuals with varying degrees of disability to recover and gain skills previously lost.


Creepy Crawly Critters

It’s a warmer than normal springtime, and that means ticks, spiders and other bugs are on the loose. Here are tips from Paul Stortz, M.D., board certified family practice physician with Southside Medical Center in Bolivar, Mo., to help you avoid the itches and illnesses these bugs carry.


Defining the Signs of Autism

Today, the world plays host to Autism Awareness Day.  Autism is a disorder that greatly affects brain development, causing those with Autism difficulty with social, emotional and physical interaction.  At CMH Pediatric Rehabilitation, we work with children who have been diagnosed with the disorder on all points of the Autism spectrum.


Have You Lost Your Groove?

Physical therapy assists patients with health issues revolving around movement.  Physical therapy has the capability of increasing mobility, relieving pain, and improving a patient’s quality of life. 


Do You Know Your Numbers?

The Importance of Testing Blood Glucose

Testing your blood glucose is an essential part of diabetes care. By doing this, you are able to see how your blood sugars respond to certain foods, situations, and activities. It is also an important tool in managing your treatment plan, avoiding long-term complications of diabetes and preventing emergency situations from happening. Knowing your blood glucose level will indicate how your body is responding to your diabetes care plan; help determine an initial insulin dosage, and when to adjust those levels. It will also help a physician understand how to control each individual’s disease so they can adjust medications as needed.


"They are"

Citizens Memorial Healthcare is an entirely unique organization.  We have the resources to provide healthcare from the beginning through the end of life.  And just as our organization is unique, so are the most important resources we have: employees.  The CMH employees are friends, family, and neighbors providing the highest quality of care for our friends, family and neighbors.  They are positive.  They are respectful.  They are innovative.  They are dedicated.  And, they are empowered. 


Conveniently Adding Fruits & Veggies to Your Diet

Convenience.  We all need things,especially food, quickly these days.  But did you realize your diet plays an oh-so-important role in your overall health?  It’s inevitable that you are in fact what you eat.  No matter what you eat, your body will take on the pattern of consumption you choose.  Regardless of your age or gender, conveniently adding fruits and veggies to your diet, will undoubtedly help your body in fighting disease, cancer or even the stomach bug that seems to have plagued our area in the last few weeks.


The CMH Response to Severe Weather

With tornadoes and severe weather experienced by our service area last night, it seems appropriate to talk about what preparations Citizens Memorial Healthcare takes to protect and support our patients, residents and employees when severe weather strikes.  


How to Pay for Long Term Care

Last week, I shared with you, “How to Know Your Loved One is Ready for Long Term Care.”  This week, we’ll look at the process of paying for long term care.  One thought before we begin: long term care is never free.  Depending upon their physical and mental needs, your loved one may require a short stay to regain strength, a permanent stay,  assistance with all cares,  a very secure environment, guided activities, trained therapists to guide improved strength and functional ability or to keep them moving throughout each day, as well as administrative, nursing, dietary, environmental services and maintenance staff.  It takes a great deal of dedicated, compassionate personnel to provide exceptional care.


How Do You Know Your Loved One is ready for Long Term Care?

Long term care is not a topic that is often discussed with ease.  For many families, the decision to transfer a loved one from the comforts of their home, to a long term care facility is the result of a difficult and often arduous journey.  So how can you and your family members know your loved one is ready for the CMH long term care family? 


Dental Hygiene

Featuring: Dr. Matt Stunkel

Thank you to the Bolivar community for welcoming me to the CMH medical staff over the last few months.  I am excited to be a part of the Miles for Smiles mobile dental unit!  Because Miles for Smiles is a CMH program dedicated to the dental development of kids, I’d like to turn your attention to proper dental hygiene and the amount of toothpaste that is safe for your children to consume. 


Meet the Culprit: Atrial Fibrillation

Featuring: Dr. Best, Cardiologist

Highlighted most recently on national and local news has been the discussion of atrial fibrillation.  What is it?  How can you get it?  And from the standpoint of a physician, how can atrial fibrillation be treated? 

We’ve all had the opportunity of being placed in situations that were, well less than comfortable.  Often times, we begin to feel anxiety, and the beating of our heart increases dramatically.  Imagine living life with that rapidly beating heart rate… Your heart beats all the time, thanks to electric signals that are produced by your body.  When those electrical signals begin to beat at a chaotic-like pace, for seemingly no reason atrial fibrillation is typically the culprit. 


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