This is a summary of benefits available to eligible employees of Citizens Memorial Healthcare (CMH).

All benefits are subject to change. Benefits requiring a payroll contribution from employees will be identified. Employees may select them at their option. For more detailed information about employee benefits, click here. 

Employees are eligible for benefits at the beginning of the month following employment, unless otherwise stated.

This outline is strictly a summary of the benefits CMH offers. More information is available by calling the CMH Human Resources department at (417) 328-6622.

Health Insurance
Employees can select from one of three health insurance plans for them and/or their dependents. Employees contribution may be required depending upon what level of coverage is selected. CMH pays a portion of employee health insurance.

CMH has partnered with Healthyroads to help our employees lead a healthier lifestyle. Employees who fully participate in Healthyroads will be eligible for lower health care personal payroll contributions than those who do not.

Dental Insurance
Employees and their dependents with health coverage provided by the organization are eligible for dental insurance. CMH pays for a portion of this coverage.

Vision Insurance Voluntary Hardware Policy
Employees can opt to receive reimbursement on contacts, glasses and frames, at the beginning of the month following employment.

Life Insurance
CMH provides eligible employees with one times their annual salary of term life insurance. Employees can select supplemental life insurance and AD&D coverage.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance
Employees may purchase up to five times their annual salary for employee coverage. Coverage is also available for spouse and child. 

Short-Term Disability (STD)
Short Term Disability coverage is available via biannual enrollment. Employees are eligible for 60% of normal monthly gross earning, if they qualify for disability.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)
CMH provides a long-term disability program (LTD) that pays 60% of wages, if you qualify for disability. Employees are eligible at the beginning of the month following one year of employment.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
CMH employees receive Paid Time Off instead of vacation, holiday, sick, and personal time. Employees accrue hours of Paid Time Off based on their FTE level and a schedule of accrual. Employees start to accrue PTO days when they begin work at CMH.

Flexible Spending Account for Childcare and Medical Expenses
A special provision of the Internal Revenue Code allows employers to set up Health Care Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) for employees. An HRA allows employees to set aside money through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis to pay for health care expenses. By contributing to a Health Care Reimbursement Account, employees can completely eliminate taxes on salary used for health care expenses. 

Profit Sharing Plan
Employees that work at least 1,000 hours per year can contribute a percentage of their salary annually, with full vesting in 5 years. After one year of employment, the employee will enter the plan on Jan. 1 or July 1 depending on date of hire.

Matched Saving
Employees may contribute to our Matched Savings upon hire. Employees pay their contribution by pre-tax payroll deduction and CMH matches that contribution.

Cafeteria Discount
All employees are eligible for a cafeteria discount (with name tag and when working) upon hire.

Direct Deposit
For convenience, employees have all of their biweekly paycheck to be directly deposited in the bank/credit union of their choice.

Employee Health Screens
Employees receive post-offer health screens, TB test, blood pressure, vaccination and educational materials.

Bereavement Leave
Upon hire, full-time employees receives three days leave for immediate family, two days leave for in-laws, grandparents, etc. Other as approved.

Jury Duty
Employees called to serve as a juror will be paid for regularly scheduled hours of work. This benefit is available upon hire. 

Employee Discounts
All CMH employees receive discounts are available at several local businesses.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
A confidential counseling referral and assessment service is available for all employees.

Other Benefits
Worker's Compensation, Voluntary Home & Auto Insurance, Shift Differential, Career Ladder and Voluntary Long-term Care Insurance.