TULIP Award Nomination

Citizens Memorial Hospital/Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation created the TULIP Award to recognize outstanding nursing and medical assistants and patient care technicians who assist in direct patient care.

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TULIP stands for Thoughtful, Unforgettable, Lasting Impact on Patient Care. The award committee selects one honoree each month who exemplifies the following characteristics:

  • Goes above and beyond in providing exceptional care and unforgettable service to patients/residents.
  • Demonstrates exceptional skills in the delivery of compassionate patient/resident care.
  • Exemplifies the mission, vision and values of CMH/CMH Foundation.
  • Demonstrates a caring, thoughtful attitude.
  • Is an outstanding role model for other nursing and medical assistants and technicians.

Each month’s winner receives a TULIP Award honoree pin, an award certificate, flowers, and a copy of the nomination. The selected honoree’s unit/department/clinic/facility receives a poster to display and freshly baked cookies to share on the day the award is presented.

The TULIP Award is given in conjunction with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing. If you wish to nominate a CMH/CMH Foundation nurse (RN, NP, LPN) go to: https://www.citizensmemorial.com/patients-and-visitors/daisy-award-nomination.html

TULIP Nomination

Patients, residents, visitors, family members, co-workers, physicians and volunteers may nominate a deserving CNA, MA, NA or PCT by completing the electronic nomination form. Questions? Contact Sarah Hanak, CMH TULIP Award program coordinator, at 417-328-7775 or email TULIP.Award@citizensmemorial.com.