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TULIP Award Nomination

Submit a TULIP Award Nomination

Citizens Memorial Hospital/Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation created the TULIP Award to recognize outstanding individuals contributing to patient care. The award recognizes anyone who provides patient care (besides a nurse - see the DAISY Award). These individuals include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical assistants.
  • Patient care technicians.
  • Laboratory technicians.
  • Radiologic technologists.
  • Pharmacy technicians.
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapists.
  • Respiratory therapists.
  • Emergency medical technicians.
  • Paramedics.

TULIP stands for Thoughtful, Unforgettable, Lasting Impact on Patient Care. The award committee selects one honoree each month who exemplifies the following characteristics:

  • Goes above and beyond in providing exceptional care and unforgettable service to patients/residents.
  • Demonstrates exceptional skills in the delivery of compassionate patient/resident care.
  • Exemplifies the mission, vision and values of CMH/CMH Foundation.
  • Demonstrates a caring, thoughtful attitude.
  • Is an outstanding role model for other nursing and medical assistants and technicians.

Each month’s winner receives a TULIP Award honoree pin, an award certificate, flowers, and a copy of the nomination. The selected honoree’s unit/department/clinic/facility receives a poster to display and cookies to share.

View past winners

The TULIP Award is given in conjunction with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing. Nominate a CMH/CMH Foundation nurse (RN, NP, LPN) for the DAISY Award.

TULIP Nomination

Patients, residents, visitors, family members, co-workers, physicians and volunteers may nominate a deserving caregiver by completing the electronic nomination form.

Questions? Contact Sarah Hanak, CMH TULIP Award program coordinator, at 417-328-7775 or send an email to

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