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Rebecca Garver receives CMH DAISY Nurse Leader Award

Citizens Memorial Hospital awarded Rebecca Garver, LPN, the DAISY Nurse Leader award. She is a licensed practical nurse at CMH’s Dade County Family Medical Center in Greenfield.

Garver was nominated for the DAISY Nurse Leader Award by an employee at the clinic.

“I worked with Rebecca before she was a clinic manager here at CMH,” the nomination states. “Though she is a manager, she is still a nurse and will jump in to use her skills. I left my medical assistant position and went back to school to be a nurse partly because Rebecca made me believe, even as just a co-worker, that I could do it. She made me feel competent in all I did and learned at the clinic.”

After finishing nursing school, the employee returned to CMH to work for Garver at the Dade County clinic.

“She has worked with me not only through my own family hardships and losses but with my anxiety and depression,” the employee wrote. “She is one of the only people in my life who makes me feel like I can do this. She makes me feel proud that I am opening up and talking about some of these struggles and seeking treatment.”

About the DAISY Nurse Leader Award

A more complex healthcare landscape puts increasing demands on nurse leaders. CMH believes that those who create an environment of compassion and recognition for others deserve to be recognized themselves.

The DAISY Nurse Leader Award is part of the international DAISY Award recognition program for extraordinary nurses. The CMH DAISY Award started in January 2019. CMH added the DAISY Nurse Leader Award in April 2023. The award committee selects three nurse leaders a year.

Submit a CMH DAISY Nurse Leader Award nomination or learn more about the DAISY Nurse Leader Award and Foundation.

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