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Julie Gordon receives CMH DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for April 2024

Citizens Memorial Hospital announces that Julie Gordon, a registered nurse in the Medical/Surgical Unit, has received the CMH DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for April 2024.

Gordon was nominated for the award by a coworker for her exceptional care and dedication to her patients.

“While caring for a patient this week, Julie was able to make a connection with her and glean a little more information about her home life that one couldn’t learn from simply reading her chart and passing meds. Julie conversed with the patient and the patient opened up to her about her alcoholism and well-hidden parts of her personal life. Julie came to my office to brainstorm about what could be done. She expressed concern regarding safe long-term discharge plans and general things that the patient needed help with. We developed a plan and were able to execute what was likely just the beginning of it today. Julie worked for nearly three hours with a positive and reassuring attitude to clean this patient’s home and attempt to make it more livable,” the coworker wrote in the nomination.

“She showed up on her day off with boots on, ready to tackle whatever we came across in the home. She spoke to this person in ways that let her know that she mattered and that she was not less than because of her situation. Julie cared. She was quite literally the hands and feet of Jesus for a person that she could have easily treated as ‘just a patient.’ While the story of this patient is not over, Julie has already done so much to hopefully give the patient a ray of hope during a very gloomy time in her life. This is the kind of nurse I want to work with day in and day out, and certainly the type I would want caring for my loved ones.”

About the DAISY Award

DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The DAISY Foundation established the award in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died of an autoimmune disease at the age of 33. The international award is a thank you to nurses everywhere.

CMH launched the DAISY Award program in January 2019. Each month, a CMH or Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation nurse receives the award.

Submit a CMH DAISY Award nomination at For more information about the DAISY Award and Foundation, visit

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