No matter what device you use, there's an app that can help you stay on the right track to better health. No matter what type of workout or nutrition plan you're interested in, you can find an app to help you stay motivated. Here's a few of our favorites...

Fitness Apps

  • GymPact - Put your money where you mouth is. This app let's you designate how much you're willing to pay to skip a workout, and pays you wach time you workout.
  • Stickk - This app lets you set your own goals (they don't have to be fitness related) and set your own stakes (they don't have to be monetary).
  • MapMyRun - Use this free app to track your runs, walks or bike rides. Using the built in gps in your mobile device, the app charts your progress on a map and gives you workout details, including distance, pace, speed and more. You can share your results with friends or keep them private.
  • Couch to 5K - Perfect if your new to running, or haven't ran for a while. This app is designed to take you from your couch, to completing a 5k in about 8 weeks. You can listen to your own music while the app runs, telling you when to run and walk in this interval training program.
  • ZombiesRun! - Need a little more motivation? This running (or jogging/walking) app has a story line. You're cast as a "runner" and have missions to complete - get supplies, deliver messages and more - all while escaping thezombie hordes.
  • Nike Training Club - This free app helps you train like an athelete. With over 85 workouts, you won't get bored. Add your own music, pick up those dumbbells and get set to get fit. All of the exercises listed in the app have videos and photos to help you make sure you're doing it right.

Healthy Eating Apps

  • Fooducate - Use this app to scan and choose healthy groceries. Just scan the barcode and see a "grade" along with important health information.
  • LoseIt! - This food diary app helps you track your daily calorie intake.
  • WaterWorks - Most of us don't drink enough water. Use this app to help you track your water intake.
  • Meal Snap - Use your iPhone to take a picture of your meal and this app will tell you what's on your plate and estimate the calories in your meal. 

Health Tracker Apps

Combination Apps

  • MyFitnessPal - Use this free calorie counter, food journal and fitness tracker to help you keep up with your nutrition and fitness goals.
  • Daily Burn - Track your calories and your workouts with this app. It includes workout plans, with videos, as well as customized nutrition plans.

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