CMH Therapy Services uses advanced technology to assist therapy patients in maximizing their rehabilitation.
Therapy Services Staff

Specialized technology at CMH includes:

Balance Master: The Balance Master system is a free-standing device used to assess and retrain sensory and voluntary motor control of balance.

VitalStim: Therapists use VitalStim technology to assist patients with dysphagia or who have difficulty swallowing. VitalStim is a non-invasive, external electrical stimulation therapy device.

Bioness: The NESS H200 and L300 are innovative functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems that help patients recover from stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and incomplete spinal cord injury to regain muscle control, providing more function and a better life.

BTE: BTE PrimusRS is functional, smart physical therapy equipment for multi-joint testing, orthopedic rehabilitation and neuromuscular reeducation.  It also helps us to simulate almost any work task a patient would have to perform before returning to work.

Anodyne: Anodyne therapy is infrared therapy used by healthcare professionals to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm.   Often beneficial for patients that are suffering from neuropathy.