Goal 1- Increase the proportion of members of a multidisciplinary rural health network who are users of a certified EHR from 33% to 100%.

  • Objective A. Procure, install, and maintain EHR systems in OB/GYN office
  • Objective B. Procure, install, and maintain EHR systems in rural cancer center
  • Objective C. Procure, install, and maintain EHR systems in a critical access hospital
  • Objective D. Procure, install, and maintain EHR systems in 3 eye specialty provider offices.
  • Objective E. Evaluate project processes to ensure implementation at 100% of sites.

Goal 2- Increase the interoperability and exchange among all network partners.

  • Objective A. Procure, install and maintain interfaces between all partners.
  • Objective B. Procure, install, and maintain needed software programs and applications for participation in large and state driven health care exchanges.
  • Objective C. Evaluate operations of the interface, quality of interoperability to ensure proper usage, technical operation, and implementation of improvements at 100% of the sites.

Goal 3- Increase the level of patient engagement, awareness, and the self involvement of health care customers served by network members.

  • Objective A. Improve patient portal used by rural hospital network to patients who received care in areas previously not eligible for membership to the portal.
  • Objective B. Implement and maintain patient portal at rural health clinic.
  • Objective C. Improve the integration of portal information available to providers and healthcare customers in the community through a portal platform shared by two providers.
  • Objective D. Increase exposure to wellness related information and recommendations as well as information about services and facilities related to health and wellness available in the area.

Goal 4- Increase awareness about the use of HIT and the importance of meaningful use of EHR and other HIT technologies.

  • Objective A. Increase awareness of healthcare professionals in the local area.
  • Objective B. Increase awareness of the general public and thereby help them understand the technologies and the resources of which they may take advantage.
  • Objective C. Increase awareness of healthcare professionals and government entities nationally through attestation of meaningful use for multiple organizations in a rural area.
  • Objective D. Increase awareness among other interested peers of the organizations comprising the network at State, National, and International conferences.

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