Facility Locations

Our Human Resources software uses a "short hand" in our job titles. The list below outlines the locations referenced in the job titles.

CMH is a combination of two corporate entities: Citizens Memorial Hospital District and Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation. 

The Citizens Memorial Hospital District includes all hospital services as well as all clinical support. Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation includes Long Term Care and Home Care services. 

Glossary of Locations for CMH Facilities:

  • CMH = Citizens Memorial Hospital (Bolivar)
  • HCF = Citizens Memorial Health Care Facility (Bolivar)
  • PHF= Parkview Healthcare Facility (Bolivar)
  • COL = Colonial Springs Healthcare (Buffalo)
  • AGF = Ash Grove Healthcare Facility (Ash Grove)
  • COM = Community Springs Healthcare Facility (El Dorado Springs)
  • BRC = Butterfield Residential Care Center (Bolivar)
  • ASC = Ambulatory Surgical Center (Bolivar)
  • STO = Lake Stockton Healthcare Facility (Stockton)

Other Abbreviations:

  • LTC – Long term care
  • IS - Information Services
  • HR - Human Resources
  • ADMIN - Administration
  • CLN- Clinic
  • HOS- Hospital
  • HME – Home Medical Equipment
  • HMK+ - Home Maker Plus
  • SHA- shared services (This is for departments that are used both for the Hospital District and the Foundation District)
  • CCBO – Clinic Coding Building Office
  • HCS- Home Care Services
  • PV Well- Parkview Wellness and Geriatric Center
  • HOS- Hospital
  • ER- Emergency Room
  • MED/SURG- Medical/Surgical Unit
  • ICU/TELE- Intensive Care Unit/Telemetry
  • M/SMILES- Miles for Smiles

Off-Campus Clinic Locations:

  • Ash Grove
  • Dade County
  • Dallas County
  • Humansville
  • Osceola
  • Pleasant Hope
  • Southside - Bolivar
  • Stockton
  • Walk-in - Bolivar