Video Visits

CMH now offers video visits for patients with a computer, tablet or smartphone and a connection to the internet. 

How do I schedule a video visit?

Option 1: Use the MyChart Patient Portal to request an appointment at a CMH Clinic and choose "A VIDEO VISIT" as the appointment type.

Option 2: Reach us through the Patient Call Center at 417-876-2118

How do I give consent and receive information regarding my privacy?

You can complete your Video Visit consent form online by clicking here. Information about your privacy is included in the consent form. You can also access the CMH Privacy Policy online. 

How do I connect to a Video Visit once I've scheduled?

Video visits require a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet. Your internet connection should be at least 5mbps. 

Connecting to a Video Visit.

**If you are using a Tablet or Smartphone, please download the Polycom Real Presence App from the App Store or Google Play.