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Financial Assistance

Citizens Memorial Hospital (CMH) gives financial assistance to those that qualify.

Plain Language Summary of CMH Financial Assistance Program

We share details about our Financial Assistance Policy on our statements, collection letters, website and through signs at registration. The Patient Accounts/Cashier Office, Financial Assistance Office, Registration and Social Services also give out applications and tell patients that help is available. These offices are all located at the main Hospital at 1500 N. Oakland Ave., Bolivar, MO. View our complete Financial Assistance Policy.

If you need help completing the application for assistance or have questions about the documents needed, visit our Patient Accounts/Cashier office near the main lobby of the Hospital at 1500 N. Oakland Ave., Bolivar, MO, or call CMH Customer Service at 800-326-0508 or 417-328-6508

We use current federal poverty guidelines (see table below) as a part of the calculations to determine how much help each patient will receive. We may not include services that are not medically necessary. Co-pays will be due at the time of service.

The necessity for medical treatment of patients is based on the clinical judgment of the provider without regard to the patient's financial status. Patients will be treated with respect and fairness regardless of their ability to pay.

If a patient is approved for financial help, that patient must set up a payment plan if the balance due cannot be paid in full. If a patient does not make the payments as agreed, we may send that patient’s accounts to a collection agency.

Patients approved for Financial Assistance will not be required to pay more than what is generally billed to insurance payers.

Download the Application For Financial Assistance.


Federal Poverty Guidelines

Family Size Income - 100% FPL 101% to 249% FPL 250% FPL
 1  $15,060  $15,061 to $37,649 $37,650
 2  $20,440  $20,441 to $51,099 $51,100
 3  $25,820  $25,821 to $64.549 $64,550
 4  $31,200  $31,201 to $77,999  $78,000
 5  $36,580  $36,581 to $91,449  $91,450
 6  $41,960  $41,961 to $104,899  $104,900
 7  $47,340  $47,341 to $118,349  $118,350
 8  $52,720  $52,721 to $131,799  $131,800
 Additional Person  $5,380  $5,380  $5,380
 % of discount  90%  89% to 1%  0%

Updated annually based on guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Still have questions about the Financial Assistance program or application? Call CMH Customer Service at 800-326-0508 or 417-328-6508. You also can visit our Patient Accounts/Cashier Office located just off the main lobby of the Hospital located at 1500 N. Oakland Ave., Bolivar, MO.

Health Insurance Marketplace

The Cover Missouri Coalition promotes quality, affordable health coverage for every Missourian. Visit the Coalition's website or call the Cover Missouri Call Center at 800-466-3213 for assistance with finding health insurance.

Medicare Assistance

Missouri SHIP is Missouri's official State Health Insurance Assistance entity, providing free, unbiased and confidential services for Medicare recipients. SHIP volunteers provide Medicare counseling in their local communities. Visit the SHIP website for more information.

Medicaid Assistance

Missouri Medicaid has expanded to cover more people. Now, more adults can get low-cost or free health insurance through Missouri Medicaid, called MO HealthNet. For the first time, more adults qualify for low-cost or free health insurance through MO HealthNet. This includes parents who have not qualified before, as well as childless adults.
Even if you have tried to get Medicaid before and didn't qualify, check again.

With health insurance through MO HealthNet, you can get the care you need when you need it. MO HealthNet covers doctor visits, yearly checkups, mental health care, dental care, well-woman visits, prescription medicines and more. Are you worried about your health? Has it been a long time since you've seen a doctor? With health insurance, you can have peace of mind and take care of yourself and your family.

You can get free help to understand your health insurance options, including Medicaid through MO HealthNet. Call the Family Support Division at 855-373-9994, call 800-466-3213 or visit to set up a free appointment with a trained expert. Cover Missouri assisters can help you determine if you qualify for Medicaid and help you understand your health insurance options.

Get FREE, local help to apply by calling the Family Support Division at 855-373-9994, calling 800-466-3213 or visiting To apply, visit

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