Click here to access the CMH Clinic Patient Portal.

CMH also offers an integration with Microsoft HealthVault. Learn more about the differences between the CMH Clinic Patient Portal and Microsoft HealthVault.

The CMH Clinic's Patient Portal provides an intuitive, secure, web-based method for patients to access portions of their medical records through our secure web site. The portal provides access to information and offers secure communications between patients and their care providers. This is available from any computer with internet access.

When you log into the CMH Clinic Patient Portal, you will be able to view your medical record, including medical conditions, medications, immunizations, allergies and appointments. You will have the ability to request updates to your information straight from the portal. Users can also pay their bills online with a credit card or their PayPal account.

The CMH Clinic Patient Portal offers you a way to communicate with your care providers at your convenience. The portal is not a substitute for a office visit, but it does give you the ability to communicate with your care providers on your own schedule. Secure messages are sent from the portal to the appropriate staff in the clinic and are added to their daily workflow. Requests from the portal, such as prescription refills, are generally processed within 48 hours. This would be the same turn around as if you called the clinic during business hours. Electronic messages will not be answered when the clinic is closed

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