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CMH Missouri Memory Center contributes to Alzheimer’s drug trial with positive results

Patients at the Missouri Memory Center at Citizens Memorial Hospital participated in a nationwide clinical trial with positive results in Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

Manufacturer Eli Lilly & Co. is proceeding with global regulatory submissions and anticipates making a submission for approval of donanemab to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this quarter.

In the Phase 3 study, donanemab significantly slowed cognitive and functional decline in patients with early symptomatic Alzheimer’s. Results reported by Eli Lilly & Co. include:

  • 47% of participants on donanemab showed no decline based on a key measure of disease severity at one year compared to 29% of participants on placebo.
  • Participants on donanemab had a 40% less decline in their ability to perform activities of daily living at 18 months.
  • Participants on donanemab experienced a 39% lower risk of progressing to the next stage of disease compared to placebo.

Curtis P. Schreiber, M.D., medical director of the Missouri Memory Center and CMH Research Department, was the principal investigator on the study in Bolivar, which started in 2021.

“Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and it starts subtly but progresses relentlessly,” Dr. Schreiber said. “While medications are currently available for treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, researchers continue to explore scientific approaches to actually slowing the progression of the symptoms. Results of studies such as this offer hope to patients, families and medical care providers that wrestle with the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease. Options for slowing this unforgiving disease may be on the horizon.”

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CMH Neurology and Headache Center and Missouri Memory Center have participated in 19 research studies since 2016. A new CMH Research Department was established to coordinate and expand clinical research studies at CMH and has two new upcoming trials for Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

For more information about clinical trials at CMH, call 417-328-7781 or email

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