Citizens Memorial Hospital invests in three new ‘smart’ technologies

CMH installs Stryker iBeds, Intego nurse call system, and Hospira wireless infusion pumps

Citizens Memorial Healthcare is known nationally for its progressive approach to information technology. That approach to technology is now being translated to the purchase of three new “smart” technologies -- “smart” beds, nurse call system and infusion pumps.

The “smart” bed is the Stryker iBed. CMH recently replaced all 44 of the hospital’s patient beds on medical/surgical and intensive care units with the new Stryker iBeds, which have an exclusive smart bed monitoring system that communicates local bed status information to help ensure patient safety and improve overall efficiency. IBed Awareness allows CMH medical staff to select specific parameters that indicate a safe bed for a particular patient. When pre-set parameters change, iBed Awareness provides visual and optional audible feedback.

In addition to patient safety, the iBed controls are at the foot of the bed so medical staff can access the controls easier without inconveniencing patients. The new beds also offer exclusive “stay put” frame technology that keeps the patient’s relative location essentially unchanged when the head of the bed is raised. This helps reduce the need for patient repositioning.

At CMH, iBed Awareness will be integrated into a new enhanced nurse call system for optimum efficiencies. The new nurse call system, which will be installed in February from Intego, will allow patients to call directly to their nurses on wireless phones or to talk with a central communications point. These new features will streamline communication between patients and hospital staff. For example, patients will be able to identify when they make a call if they need pain medication or if they need to use the restroom. Those requests can be prioritized directly to the appropriate caregiver resulting in faster responses from the correct person for the type of assistance that the patient needs.

“CMH already has good feedback from patients on surveys,” says Donald J. Babb, chief executive officer/executive director of CMH. “The surveys show that 2/3 of patients at CMH reported that they ‘Always’ received help as soon as they wanted. That survey result is above average for hospitals across the U.S., but CMH wants to do even better and this nurse call system will give hospital staff the tools they need leading to even faster response times and greater patient and staff satisfaction.”

The third new technology that CMH will be implementing this spring will be “smart” infusion pumps. The new infusion pumps by Hospira are wireless and will be managed by software for maximum patient safety. The software will connect data from the hospital’s drug information library to infusion devices throughout the hospital to minimize errors, promote the use of best clinical practices and maintain continuity of care standards. CMH will be replacing 64 existing infusion pumps and will implement the server-based software to support these new pumps. Nurses can be assured that a simple data entry error won’t result in a patient receiving an unsafe infusion rate of medication because the software will prevent it.

For more information about patient safety or new technologies at CMH, contact the CMH Information Center at 417-328-6010 or 888-328-6010.

October 03, 2011

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