Does allergy season have you saying “achoo?”

Spring allergy season is officially upon us!  Are you or someone you know miserable during the warm months due to allergies?   Why suffer any longer?  We can help!  Read our most frequently asked questions and call the CMH ENT & Allergy Clinic today at 417-328-7702 to schedule an appointment.

1)      Will my insurance cover allergy treatments and testing?

Yes it is a covered procedure, but keep in mind deductibles and co-pays will vary dependent upon your insurance carrier.

2)      When should I start seeing results?

We generally say six months, but some patients have noticed improvements in only a couple of months.

3)      What does the allergy test look for?

The allergy testing you will undergo tests for 40 of the most common allergens to this area including weeds, grasses, trees, molds, dander and dust.

4)      Does the CMH ENT & Allergy Clinic also perform food testing?

Yes, we offer food testing and extensive teaching for patients who are found to have a food allergy.

5)      Will the allergy testing hurt?

The allergy testing is a two-step process. We start with the patient’s back and a skin prick test which is more annoying than hurtful J, followed by small intradermal skin injections on the arms. For little ones, we use EMLA cream (a numbing agent) on their backs and arms.

6)      How long does allergy testing take and will I have to miss a full day of work?

We have morning and afternoon appointment options available and the entire process takes two hours. You are welcome to return to work as soon as testing is complete.

7)      Will I have to get weekly injections?

 After reviewing your results together, we will determine if weekly injections are needed.  Our patients who receive weekly injections take advantage of our easy walk-in process that takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

Here’s to Spring!

Kimberly Tarka, RN

CMH ENT & Allergy Clinic

1245 N. Butterfield, Bolivar, MO


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