One FAST Option

As a physician, I have the opportunity to see patients who are active and have developed chronic overuse injuries, and therefore experience tendon pain in upper and/or lower limbs.  The pain my patients feel in their tendons may be classified in one of two ways:

For patients who’ve exhausted the typical treatments of rest, relaxation, prescription medication, bracing and physical therapy, improvement in pain and hope for a normal active lifestyle may seem futile.  Those types of patients are candidates for a new procedure called FAST.  FAST, also known as Focused Aspiration of Scar Tissue is minimally invasive.  In fact, patients of FAST only require a local anesthetic, are fully awake throughout the course of the procedure, and leave with only a band-aid, as a sign they’ve had a procedure performed.  Patients who have undergone the FAST procedure, have been found to recover much more quickly than those who opt for the typical invasive surgical procedure.  Way less stress, right?  Absolutely. 

If you’re ready to get back to a healthy, active lifestyle, please contact my office at: 417-777-6161 to schedule an evaluation. 

J.P. Simanis, M.D.  

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