Treatment options at the Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center


Chemotherapy or "Chemo" uses a combination of medications to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy is able to target more than one area so it is often used when cancer cells have spread away from the original tumor. Chemotherapy will help to cure your cancer, slow growth, kill cells that have spread away from the original tumor and relieve symptoms from cancer.

Questions to ask your doctor:

Preventative Mammograms:

Mammograms are the best means of detecting breast cancer at an early stage and are recommended annually for women over 40. It is also important for men to know the risks of breast cancer. Symptoms for the disease are breast tenderness or enlargement, a lump in the breast, usually right underneath the nipple or discharge from the nipple.

A physician's referral is not necessary to make an appointment for a mammogra. Take a positive step toward prevention and call 417-328-6010 for an appointment today.

Radiation Therapy:

Radiation therapy uses radiation to break up cancer cells in the tumor and the surrounding areas only. It helps to stop the cells from growing and dividing. This form of therapy is the most common and in some cases cures the cancer with no other treatments. It is primarily used for head and neck cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer and Hodgkin's Disease.

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