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CMH offers long COVID-19 pulmonary rehabilitation program

Citizens Memorial Hospital offers pulmonary rehabilitation for individuals healing from long-term effects of COVID, also called long COVID-19 or long-haul COVID-19.

Due to the nature of the virus, many patients experience difficulty breathing, even after the virus has left the body. Patients that require ventilators are at an even higher risk of long-term effects. Post COVID-19 symptoms are conditions that persist for more than four weeks after diagnosis. Individuals may experience symptoms for weeks and even months following a COVID-19 diagnosis. Some of the pulmonary symptoms may include:

  • Pain persisting beyond the normal healing process (usually three months).
  • Shortness of breath and poor endurance.
  • Weakness or trouble walking.
  • Problems with balance or dizziness.
  • Trouble performing activities of daily life.
  • Pain or achiness. 

CMH Pulmonary Rehabilitation offers individualized and supportive therapy that will help those who have had a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnosis decrease symptoms and get back to daily life. The program is covered by most insurance plans.

Talk to your doctor about COVID-19 rehabilitation at Citizens Memorial Hospital. For more information call CMH Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation at 417-328-6453.

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