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Lake Stockton Healthcare Facility announces follow-up COVID-19 test results

Results from Lake Stockton Healthcare Facility’s Aug. 7 mass COVID-19 testing show no new positive cases of coronavirus among employees and no residents have been infected with the virus. This is the second consecutive week of negative test results.

The facility previously reported July 29 that an employee tested positive for COVID-19. The employee has been home in quarantine and is being monitored by the Cedar County Health Department.

“Our good test results are a testament to the hard work and diligence of our Lake Stockton team,” says Chris McBratney, CMH administrative director of long-term care. “I want to commend our employees for their dedication to infection prevention and safety. We are also thankful for the extended support from Citizens Memorial Hospital departments.”

Lake Stockton is a skilled nursing facility in Stockton and has 78 residents and 89 employees. The facility is owned and operated by Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation, Bolivar. CMH Foundation operates six long-term care facilities in Ash Grove, Bolivar, Buffalo, El Dorado Springs and Stockton, and one residential care center in Bolivar.

All CMH Foundation long-term care facility employees wear masks, eye protection and other personal protective equipment during their shifts. Additionally, employees are screened at the beginning of their shifts for coronavirus symptoms including fever. Employees who test positive or develop symptoms of COVID-19 do not return to work until they are recovered and receive clearance.

Lake Stockton residents and staff will continue to be monitored closely for any symptoms of COVID-19. Following Federal and State guidelines, the facility will discontinue weekly mass testing of employees and residents, but will continue to conduct random employee testing.

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