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CMH partners with Community Infusion Solutions, expands infusion services

Citizens Memorial Hospital announces its partnership with Community Infusion Solutions to expand outpatient infusion services at CMH.

CIS is a Dallas-based public health organization specializing in patient-centered remote infusion services. The partnership began July 1.

The CMH Infusion Center is located in the Douglas Medical Center, 1155 W. Parkview St., Bolivar, and is managed by CIS care coordinators in conjunction with CMH nursing staff. Eric Fulnecky, M.D., CMH board certified infectious disease specialist, is the medical director.

The infusion center offers intravenous therapy and specialty injections for patients with acute and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, immune deficiency and more. Services include PICC, IV and midline placements, medication therapy, long term and first start antibiotics, blood transfusions, port flushes and injections.

“Partnering with Community Infusion Solutions has allowed us to expand IV infusion services to help even more patients manage their medical conditions,” says Gary Fulbright, CEO/executive director of CMH and CMH Foundation.

Outpatient infusion therapy is covered by most insurance plans include Medicare and Medicaid. To find out how to begin receiving IV therapy and specialty injections at CMH Infusion Center, talk to your medical provider about a referral or call 417-777-6472.

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