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Anna Wanhala receives the January 2024 CMH TULIP Award

Anna Wanhala received the January 2024 CMH TULIP Award. She is a sitter in Citizens Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

A co-worker nominated her for the TULIP Award. Wanhala inspired hope through her conversation with a patient in the ICU.

“[The patient] shared her story about how she left all she knew was right and became a junkie,” the nomination states. “In true Anna fashion, she dismissed the patient’s negativity of herself and told her not to say those things. The patient went on to talk about her past experiences, the shame and regret she feels, and how she didn’t know how she could ever be forgiven for all she had done. The patient then asked Anna if she would pray for her and pray together. The patient was incredibly moved and shared with nursing that Anna is an angel sent by God to help those who no longer feel they deserve help and that she had hope again for her life.”

About the TULIP Award

Citizens Memorial Hospital/Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation created the TULIP Award in June 2021 to recognize outstanding caregivers who assist in direct patient care.

TULIP stands for Thoughtful, Unforgettable, Lasting Impact on Patient Care. The award committee selects one honoree each month.

The TULIP Award is given in conjunction with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing. Nominate a patient caregiver for the CMH TULIP Award.

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