CMH Dietitians

The Registered Dietitians are committed to helping each person meet their health goals with evidenced-based research and creation of individualized nutrition plans.

Dietitian oversees special nutritional needs
Services provided:
  • Individualized Consults - Outpatient consultations are provided with or without a physician’s referral if the desire is for general nutrition guidance. When a person has a particular disease requiring advanced nutrition therapy (such as diabetes, heart disease or renal disease) a physician referral is recommended.  All diabetes-related consultations must have a physician’s referral.
  • CMH Nutrition Speakers - As a service to our community, we strive to make the best effort to teach our public sound and researched nutrition information.  Requests for dietitians to speak at a function must be received 8-10 weeks prior to the event date. Topics discussed are varied based on the request received.
  • Nutrition Classes
    • Heart Healthy Community Lectures - Our heart lecture series focuses on evidenced-based research into hypertension and an overview of blood lipids, which fats are good/bad and the benefit of a balanced diet. There is no charge for this class and it’s provided the last Wednesday of each month. Please call Adam Pruett @ 328-6462 to sign up for the lecture.
    • Healthy Balance Cooking Class - The cooking class is devoted to educating the public on smart cooking techniques and healthy benefits of certain foods. A variety of class topics are scheduled for the year which can be found on the CMH community events calendar. There is no registration fee for this event, but space is limited. If the class is full, and registration closed, please contact Adam Pruett @ 328-6462 to be placed on a wait list.