CMH Dietitians

The Registered Dietitians are committed to helping each person meet their health goals with evidenced-based research and creation of individualized nutrition plans.

Dietitian oversees special nutritional needs
Services provided:
  • Individualized Consults - Outpatient consultations are provided with or without a physician’s referral if the desire is for general nutrition guidance. When a person has a particular disease requiring advanced nutrition therapy (such as diabetes, heart disease or renal disease) a physician referral is recommended.  All diabetes-related consultations must have a physician’s referral.
  • CMH Nutrition Speakers - As a service to our community, we strive to make the best effort to teach our public sound and researched nutrition information.  Requests for dietitians to speak at a function must be received 8-10 weeks prior to the event date. Topics discussed are varied based on the request received.