Clinical Programs

As many as 70 million Americans may be affected by chronic sleep loss or sleep disorders.  There are over 80 known sleep disorders. A sleep disorder keeps a person from sleeping normally.

Sleep disorder

In order to better diagnose and treat a range of sleep disorders, CMH created the Missouri Sleep Institute, under the direction of Dr. Brian Kim. For many people, it is a chronic, nightly problem that can affect daytime behavior. Activities at work and school and relationships can be affected. A sleep disorder can make existing medical conditions worse, or lead to new medical problems.

The Missouri Sleep Institute offers testing for all sleeping disorders, in a state of the art laboratory with specially trained technicians. If admitted to our sleep center, you will spend the night in our facility while sensors record your body’s functions.

If you think you might be suffering from a sleep disorder, talk to your physician, who can refer you to our sleep center.