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Imaging &Radiology

Virtual Radiologist

Citizens Memorial Hospital partners with Virtual Radiologic Professionals (vRad), a leading national teleradiology firm, to interpret and process patient imaging studies when CMH radiologists are unavailable.

Physicians contracted through vRad are board-certified with a majority fellowship trained. This team of physicians participate in a quality assurance peer review process and are rated at a 99.7% accuracy score.

Why vRad

Providing exceptional patient care is a top priority for our CMH medical providers. Timely radiology and imaging services are critical to diagnosing and treating patients 24/7/365. By partnering with vRad, our CMH radiologists have additional support and coverage to continue providing efficient and accurate radiology services around the clock.

Billing Questions

Patients may receive a bill from vRad when diagnostic images such as CT scans, MRIs or ultrasounds are read by a vRad radiologist. If you have questions about your bill or need to pay a bill, contact vRad’s billing service by calling 1-844-706-9577.


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