Clinical Programs

According to the World Health Organization, five of the 10 leading causes of disease burdens are from mental illness.

Behavioral & Psychological Health at CMH

Depression alone is the second greatest cause of disability in the world (after coronary artery disease) and the second most common cause of pain complaints (after advanced arthritis).

When treatment of the body alone fails to give the desired relief, it’s often because the part of the illness that affects the brain or mind has been left untreated. Providing “the other half of health care” to treat the neglected organ system and thus, the whole person, often will bring relief. Numerous studies have shown a definite mind-body connection; for example, half of heart patients develop depression, and depressed patients are three times as likely to have a heart attack.

Parkview Wellness Center

CMH's special sub-acute center is for geriatric patients ages 50 and older. The secured center provides evaluation, high patient-to-provider ratio, therapeutic activities and treatment for senior adults who are dealing with confusion, behavioral and/or cognitive problems.