Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Functional Capacity Evaluation, or FCE, objectively measures an employees capabilities, not disabilities. This 4 to 8 hour test was developed by physical therapists in the 1980's to evaluate the ability to perform physical work functions.

This useful tool determines when an employee is able to return to work and what restrictions, if any, need to be placed on that employee's job tasks. The FCE also determines the next appropriate step in that worker's rehabilitation. Physical limitations that require reasonable accommodation are also addressed, to help ensure that employers are in compliance with the American Disability Act.

Why use the Functional Capacity Evaluation?

The FCE is often used to objectively determine if an employee is able to return to work following an injury. It will give employers specific information on the tasks that employees can or cannot do. Our personnel can also suggest assistive or ergonomic aids to improve your worker's vocational viability.

What Does the Functional Capacity Evaluation Include?

  • Interview
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Functional Evaluation - includes testing of physical strength, range of motion, stamina and tolerance to functional activities - including lifting and carrying
  • Review of findings and recommendations

How Do I Get Started?

Trained personnel from CMH Occupational Health Services will work with you to determine the information and insight you would like to gain from the FCE. This test is customizable and can be performed in one day, or over several days.

Cost Justification

By ensuring the employees who are returning to work are physically able to safely complete their job specific duties, employers can reduce the risk of re-injury.

Evaluation of individual work habits gives employers the opportunity to proactively promote and monitor safe work habits.

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