Lab Services

The CMH lab processes approximately 2 million specimens and tests for the hospital and our CMH clinics.  Our full service laboratory is accredited by the Joint Commission.  The lab provides basic to specialized services including Hematology, Chemistry, Immunology, Urinalysis, Transfusion Medicine, Pathology and Point of Care. 

Patients may be directed to the lab for specific testing. Experienced staff and the latest testing equipment, ensures accurate and timely results. Our lab is interfaced with our Electronic Medical Record, or EMR, which means orders are sent to and from physicians electronically.  As soon as test results entered into the EMR, they are available to authorized clinicians. This allows your care providers quick and secure access to your lab results.

The Lab is open for outpatient testing Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. Inpatient and Emergency Services are available 24/7.

Common Outpatient Labs:

  • CBC – Complete Blood Count
  • BMP – Basic Metabolic Panel
  • CMP – Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • PT/INR – checking for clotting factors
  • Creatinine – for Radiology and Kidney functions
  • Glucose Tolerance testing to test for diabetes
  • Hepatic (Liver) Function Panel
  • Renal Function Panel
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Influenza Test
  • Rapid Strep Test
  • Mono Test
  • Drug Testing
  • Cardiac Profile
  • Urinalysis Test
  • PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen
  • Glucose Testing
  • A1C Testing
  • Thyroid Testing

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