• The hospital opened its doors on September 28, with the ICU addition in progress--the initial first phase of expansion.


  • CMH held its first annual Health Expo to service area communities.
  • The swing bed program was added to CMH to provide additional skilled nursing services to discharged patients.
  • The Patient Representative program was established to serve as a liaison between the patient and the hospital.
  • Telemetry equipment was added to monitor patients in an intermediate care area after their release from the intensive care area and prior to their movement to the medical/surgical ward.
  • New ultrasound equipment was added to the Radiology Department.


  • Accreditation was received from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital with no deficiencies.
  • Citizens Memorial Hospital added Home Health services and started Home Medical Equipment programs.
  • Hospital district tax levy suspended.


  • State health agency approval was given for two Advanced Life Support ambulances.
  • Mammography services were added to the hospital’s radiology department.


  • Established the Citizens Memorial Healthcare Foundation as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 entity, which aids and assists CMH in program and endowment development.
  • CMH identified a need in surrounding Hickory County and started the Hickory County ambulance program in Hermitage.


  • Hospice program was started to assist the terminally ill.
  • Second phase of construction on the hospital was completed with an 8,000 square foot addition to the ICU/CCU unit, including a new intermediate care unit.  Construction also included expansion of the laundry and dining room facilities.


  • The hospital completed the third phase of construction with the addition and dedication of the Outpatient wing, which houses outpatient surgery facilities, recovery room, clinic rooms, a waiting room and also included space for community rooms that are accessible to the public, rehabilitation services--physical, occupation and speech therapies and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation services.
  • Acquisition/merger of the Bolivar Nursing Home by the foundation and renamed to Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility.
  • First phase of construction of 24 units at Butterfield Residential Care Center was completed.
  • Home Medical Equipment of CMH was moved into a new building in Bolivar.  Home Medical Equipment services were extended into Buffalo.


  • CMH identified a need in the communities of Stockton and Humansville.  The rural health clinics in these two areas were being operated by individual physicians.  With the rising costs of healthcare, the rural health clinics were struggling with the lack of funds to remain open.  The CMH foundation acquired the buildings and leased them to the hospital in order for these two rural health clinics to remain serving their local communities.  The physicians were employed on the hospital’s active medical staff, with a uniform and integrated management throughout the organization.
  • CMH was designated as a Level III Trauma Center.
  • Stockton Home Medical Equipment satellite opened.
  • Hermitage Home Medical Equipment satellite opened.


  • The Medical Excellence Scholarship Fund was established to give scholarship to students in medical fields.  More than 350 students have received scholarships through the Medical Excellence program and more than $2 million has been awarded to recipients to date.
  • Acquired Hermitage Family Medical Center in Hermitage.
  • Constructed Butterfield Park Medical Center in Bolivar.
  • Completed Phase II construction of Butterfield Residential Care Center for a 52-unit facility.


  • Dedicated the Hospital expansion of The Birth Place (women’s health center) and the Parkview Wellness Center.  The Birth Place features six labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) rooms.  The state-of-the-art LDRP rooms allow for the arrival of a new baby to take place in one location.  The Parkview Wellness Center is designed to meet the special needs of patients who are 55 years of age and older.  The program offers a broad-based, acute medical care with a psychological approach to aging.
  • Acquired Pomme De Terre Med-Surg Clinic in Bolivar.
  • Constructed Parkview Bone & Joint, Ltd., Clinic in Bolivar.
  • In-home infusion therapy was started for hospice patients.
  • Completed Phase III of construction of Butterfield Residential Care Center for a 60-unit facility.
  • Humansville Home Medical Equipment satellite opened.


  • The Hospital celebrated its tenth year of operation.
  • Acquired Dade County Family Medical Center in Greenfield.


  • CMH was selected as one of the top ten rural hospitals in the U.S. by an independent research effort sponsored by the American Hospital Association.
  • Started the CMH Wellness & Counseling Center in Bolivar.
  • Added an anesthesiologist to the Hospital medical staff.
  • Opened the newly constructed long-term skilled nursing facility, Parkview Healthcare Facility in Bolivar.


  • Citizens Advantage (HMO) began networking through the service area and was operational for two years.
  • Started the rural health clinic, Ash Grove Family Medical Center in Ash Grove.
  • Started the rural health clinic, Dallas County Family Medical Center in Buffalo.


  • Addition of a neurologist and neurology services to CMH.
  • Addition of an OB/GYN physician through the OB/GYN Women’s Health Center in Bolivar.
  • CHART program was established and coordinated in Polk, Dallas, Cedar, Hickory and Dade counties.  This program helps identify health care needs in the service area through local coalitions from each community addressing social, spiritual and medical/physical needs.
  • Provided free school health programs to area schools-“Good Health is More Than Magic.”--15,000 elementary students took part.
  • Dennis Boeke, D.O. joins Steve Butcher, D.O. at the Stockton Family Medical Center in June.


  • CMH became the home of Polk County’s 911 service.
  • CMH along with three other rural health care hospitals merged Citizens Advantage (HMO) into Missouri Advantage (HMO) to expand health care coverage and services and was operational for three years.
  • Mobile MRI unit was added to the services of CMH.
  • Foundation built a free-standing clinic for Dallas County Community Medical Center.  Home Health and Home Medical Equipment services for the Buffalo area reside in this building.
  • Purchased an additional long-term skilled nursing facility in Buffalo--Colonial Springs Healthcare Center.
  • The hospital purchased a bone densitometer for the detection of osteoporosis.
  • Home Care and rehabilitation services were extended in the Ash Grove area through a contract with the Ash Grove Nursing Home.
  • Respiratory care therapy services were added to Humansville and all Foundation long-term skilled nursing facilities.
  • Construction began for a new support services building to house the hospital’s ambulance and paramedic services, environmental services (laundry), print shop and maintenance departments. The project was completed in 1997.
  • Addition of a free-standing rehabilitation clinic in Hermitage (Riverside Rehabilitation Clinic).
  • To better serve the patients in the rural setting, the hospital received a $160,000 grant from the Rural Utilities Service in Telemedicine in 1996 to link the outlying facilities to the Hospital laboratory. This grant allowed health care providers the ability to have immediate access, through a computer system, to patient’s diagnostic results from the laboratory when the tests are completed. This process saved the health care provider valuable time in patient diagnosis by not having to return to the Hospital clinic or long-term care facility for the results.
  • Hospital’s emergency and radiology departments were expanded.


  • Management services were extended to non-owned long-term skilled nursing facilities in Ash Grove and El Dorado Springs.
  • A corporate compliance plan was instituted and a compliance officer was named.
  • Respiratory care therapy services were expanded into long-term skilled nursing facilities in Stockton, El Dorado Springs, Ash Grove and Greenfield.
  • Expansion of rehabilitation services into Benton and St. Clair counties.
  • More than 15,000 students and teachers were screened at school health expos held in 19 different school districts in the service area. A total of 33 health expos were held between August 1997 and May 1998.
  • The first annual Great Expectations Baby Fair was held in May drawing over 300 people.
  • CMH participated in the creation of the Barceda Families program and was the fiscal intermediary for a short time. This program is a cooperative effort of over 30 representatives from public and private family resource organizations in Barton, Cedar and Dade counties.  This project, which includes a children’s trust fund, is a pilot project that will demonstrate how the coordination of appropriate community family services can prevent child abuse.


  • More than $15,000 was raised at the Medical Excellence Golf Classic for the scholarship fund.
  • CMH began providing monthly screenings and speakers to the Senior Centers in Polk, Dade, Dallas, Cedar, Hickory and Greene (Ash Grove) counties.
  • CMH sponsored a golf tournament in Buffalo, which raised $2,000 for the Dallas County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. 
  • CMH foundation began its health Transit services program.  The service offers two, 15-passenger para-transit buses that were wheelchair accessible.  The service is available to private-pay citizens or Medicaid recipients for medical-related appointments.
  • Expansion of the Parkview Bone & Joint, Ltd. and Parkview Surgery Clinic to add additional physicians’ offices, exam rooms and office space.
  • Expansion of the Hermitage Family Medical Center to add additional physician and nurse practitioner’s offices, exam rooms, new waiting and reception area, community room, ambulance garage and additional parking.
  • Sixteen new beds were added through a Medicare expansion of Parkview Healthcare Facility.
  • The hospital laboratory was expanded into the old emergency room area.
  • Completed construction and opened the Dialysis Center in conjunction with the Springfield-based group--the Kidney Disease Center of the Ozarks--Bolivar Satellite.
  • CMH sponsored several methamphetamine awareness programs in area schools. CMH registered nurse, Melanie Addison, told her family’s tragic story concerning drug abuse.
  • The CMH Sports Medicine Center opened in Bolivar.
  • Completed the remodeling of Colonial Springs Healthcare Center in Buffalo.
  • Mental health services were expanded to the rural health care clinics.


  • Purchased Ash Grove Nursing Home.
  • Opened the Urbana Family Medical Center in Urbana.
  • CMH sponsored the Nike Ozarks Open golf tournament with a Saturday pro-am to continue to raise money for the Medical Excellence Scholarship program.
  • CMH began a sports medicine contract with Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar.
  • CMH began the WorkHealth program--Occupational Medicine.  The program began with CMH employees and branched out to area businesses within the CMH service area.
  • Expansion of the Hermitage Family Medical Center was completed.
  • Helicobacter Pylori Testing (ulcers) was added to the Parkview Surgery Clinic.
  • Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility obtained OSHA’s VPP Merit Status, becoming the first long-term skilled nursing facility in the nation to do so.
  • New ultrasound equipment was purchased for radiology.
  • The Bone Densitometer (osteoporosis) moved to the radiology department from a physician clinic.
  • Women’s health program--“Hey Lady Have a Heart”--provided free health screenings and education to more than 500 women.  The annual event was held each February in conjunction with National Heart Month.


  • The independent living apartments, Parkview Senior Living Community, began construction behind Parkview Healthcare Facility in Bolivar.  Plans included a variety of living quarters with a fitness trail for senior adults.
  • Construction plans began for a new healthcare clinic, long-term skilled nursing facility and independent living community in Ash Grove.
  • Construction of the Pleasant Hope Family Medical Center completed.  The new healthcare clinic included space for Rehabilitation Services, Home Medical Equipment Services, Home Health office space and Pharmacy space.
  • Construction of the Parkview Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic expansion onto the existing Parkview Bone & Joint, Ltd. and Parkview Surgery Clinic.  This expansion allowed for a physiatrist/occupational medicine physician to be added to the active medical staff at the Hospital.
  • Completion of a three-year strategic plan for the organization.  With this plan brought branding changes to bring Citizens Memorial Hospital and Citizens Memorial Healthcare Foundation to one new organizational name and logo: Citizens Memorial Healthcare.
  • WebChart was initiated for the long-term skilled nursing facilities to bring about improved resident care coordination efforts.
  • CMH launched its first website in March at www.citizensmemorial.com.
  • Began Bolivar cable television advertising of CMH’s services.
  • Miles for Smiles Mobile Dental units received federal funding and began providing dental services to Medicaid children.
  • “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training began for management and supervisory staff.
  • Addition of an employee wellness program began.


  • The Butterfield Park Pediatric Clinic was established.
  • Additional nuclear medicine technology was added.
  • A second mammography unit was added to radiology.
  • Expansion of the cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation department added additional equipment and exercise area and an indoor walking track.
  • Construction began on the healthcare complex in Ash Grove to include a new healthcare clinic, long-term skilled nursing facility and independent living community.  The Ash Grove Family Medical Center opened in October.  The facility has additional space to house urgent care facilities, Home Medical Equipment showroom and pharmacy.
  • Plans and construction began for a location for Bolivar’s Home Medical Equipment store (formerly the Mazzio’s Pizza facility on south Springfield Avenue).
  • Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility (CMHCF), Butterfield Residential Care Center (BRCC) and Parkview Healthcare Facility (PHF) obtained OSHA’s VPP status of Star, Star and Merit respectively.  CMHF and BRCC were the first facilities in the nation of their kind to receive this top honor.  PHF was the third in the nation to do so.
  • Colonial Springs Healthcare Center obtained OSHA’s VPP Star Status in November.
  • Constructed the CMH Health Center near the Polk County Senior Center. CMH began utilizing NAP credits to fund the project.
  • Addition of the CMH Childcare Center (August).
  • Addition of a hospitalist to the hospital’s active medical staff.


  • Purchased Community Springs Nursing Home in El Dorado Springs.  Renamed Community Springs Healthcare Facility. CMH gained 83 new employees.
  • Completion of new Materials Management/Purchasing facility, located across the highway from the hospital was completed.  This renovation frees space inside the hospital for expansion of a MRI unit
  • Expansion of the OB/GYN Women’s Health Center to include new physician offices, exam/procedure rooms and office space.
  • Work began on a new free-standing pediatric clinic on the Bolivar campus.
  • Missouri Sleep Institute was initiated bringing a sleep clinic to CMH.
  • CMH Sports Medicine Center was relocated to the campus of Southwest Baptist University.
  • Ash Grove Senior Living Community (independent living units) began accepting residents in January.
  • CMH began a comprehensive upgrade to its technology infrastructure, InfoCare.  The new system will allow for patients to enter any CMH facility and receive expedited registration based on patient profile data that is already in the system.  Thus eliminating the numerous repository information wells within the organization to create one, seamless system.
  • CMH celebrates its 20th year.
  • Fleet Management Services relocated to a larger garage in Bolivar.


  • Hired three orthopedic surgeons.
  • Implemented a new diabetes education program.
  • Addition of two new nurse practioners and two new ambulances.
  • New employee pharmacy was started, which provides medicine to employees at discounted rates.
  • Forty-four new Medical Excellence Scholarships were awarded.
  • Moved into the new Dade County Family Medical Center in Greenfield in June. The Greenfield Pharmacy shares building space.
  • New mobile dental unit was ordered for Miles for Smiles program.
  • Phase I of CMH Expansion: radiology, laboratory, and emergency room.


  • Partnership with St. John’s for Air Ambulance.
  • Renovated emergency room, radiology and laboratory.
  • New Senior Health Center established.
  • Expansion of Meditech, electronic medical record system, to long term care facilities. A study in 2005 stated that only 1% of all long term care facilities in the nation utilize electronic medical records.
  • Expansion of website and implementation of Intranet for employees.
  • Vitality, a CMH magazine publication, was launched. Vitality is distributed to 20,000 homes and approximately 36,000 community members.
  • New marketing strategy campaign launched to bring unity to all marketing publications.
  • New CMH Cardiovascular Center and Cath lab.
  • Woman’s Clinic of Bolivar was added to the list of CMH physicians.
  • Sports Medicine Center was remodeled with construction of Southwest Baptist University Meyer Wellness and Sports Center.
  • All long-term care facilities became OSHA VPP participants.
  • CMH Optical Shop and Eye Specialty Center established.
  • CMH establishes new foot and ankle clinic.
  • Began expansion/remodel of Colonial Springs Healthcare Center and new independent living units.
  • Rehab began offering VitalStim therapy, a 2001 FDA approved treatment for patients with dysphagia, or the inability to swallow.
  • CMH holds first Burgundy Ball Gala.


  • Twenty-four physicians named to 417 Magazine’s top doctors.
  • CMH Information Center/Central Scheduling was founded, giving people one central number to call -- 417-328-6010 or 888-328-6010.
  • HealthStream, a computer-based learning program, replaced the education fair.
  • CMH implemented a new customer service training program based on principles used by Walt Disney, Inc.
  • EAR (Electronic Ambulatory Record) implemented in outlying clinics.
  • Launch of new website with online nursery, registration for classes, etc.
  • Approval was granted for a new CMH Cancer Care Center.
  • CMH was awarded the Davies Award of Excellence by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). CMH is the first rural hospital to receive the award.
  • CMH was named one of the nations Most Wired hospitals in the Small and Rural Hospital category, and was named one of the 25 Most Wireless hospitals in the nation. CMH was the only hospital in Missouri to be named to the Most Wireless list.
  • Joe Shelton, secretary of the Hospital Board of Directors, retires.
  • Therapeutic Touch Center moves to CMH Senior Health Center.
  • Kim Miller, FNP, was added to the Stockton Family Medical Center medical staff with Drs. Boeke and Butcher.


  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations awarded CMH, including the hospital, clinics, home health and hospice services, its Gold Seal of Approval. Additionally, CMH earned separate Joint Commission approval for its hospital laboratory and all clinic laboratories.
  • CMH Rehabilitation opens a new clinic in Greenfield located downstairs of the Dade County Family Medical Center.
  • CMH receives a $432,265 check as part of the USDA Rural Development Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant. CMH used the grant to expand the wide area network that connects CMH to 16 rural health clinics and five long-term care facilities. CMH was the only Missouri recipient for the 2005 Rural Development Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants.
  • CMH and five county health departments were awarded a two-year grant for $299,000 from the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH). The money from the grant was utilized to create policies and environments, in 18 communities across five counties that promote physical activity and healthy eating. CMH is collaborating with Polk, Cedar, Dade, Dallas and Hickory County Health Departments to work with these 18 communities to fight childhood obesity and the chronic diseases it causes.
  • CMH educational services department was awarded accreditation by the Missouri Nurses Association (MONA).
  • CMH was named one of the nation’s Most Wired hospitals in the Small and Rural Hospital category for the second year.
  • CMH begins construction for new Ambulatory Surgical Center/Medical Office Building.
  • CMH breaks ground for new Central Care Cancer Center at CMH.
  • Butterfield Residential Care Center opens 18 new studio apartments.
  • Colonial Springs Healthcare Center opens new 30-bed special care unit for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.
  • Colonial Springs Senior Living Community (independent living units) opens with 12 apartments.
  • CMH opens new Home Medical Equipment store in Stockton.
  • 538 babies were born at The Birth Place in 2006.


  • CMH was awarded $690,000 over three years from the federal Office of Advanced Technology for in-home telehealth management, using Well@Home telemonitoring units.
  • CMH Senior Health Center was awarded a $40,720 grant by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for the construction of the SeniorLink Recreational Trail.
  • CMH purchases the home medical equipment division of Stephens Pharmacy expanding the CMH HME to two locations in Bolivar.
  • CMH completes construction on new building for Humansville Family Medical Center.
  • CMH celebrates 25th anniversary year and holds open house for hospital.
  • CMH was named one of the nations Most Wired hospitals in the Small and Rural Hospital category for the third consecutive year.
  • The Parkview Primary Care, Sports and Occupational Medicine Clinic was established in August and includes J.P. Simanis, M.D.
  • In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles in the community, CMH partnered with the YMCA and opened the CMH Health and Wellness Clinic in the new YMCA facility.
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center opens and first outpatient surgery was performed Sept. 4.
  • Construction begins on Central Care Cancer Center at CMH.
  • On July 6, Parkview Healthcare Facility received the prestigious Primaris Nursing Home Quality Award. Primaris, a nonprofit health firm, gives the award annually to a single Missouri long-term care facility for progressive efforts to provide better care for their residents. Parkview ranked No. 1 out of more than 400 participating long-term care facilities in Missouri. CMHCF was ranked third among the participating facilities in Missouri.
  • In October, Ash Grove Healthcare Facility received the American Health Care Association (AHCA)/ National Center for Assisted Living Step 1 Quality Award. Of the more than 16,000 long-term care facilities in the U.S., only three in Missouri received the award.


  • CMH was named to the nation’s 100 “Most Wired” hospitals and health systems.  The 2008 Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study, in the July issue of Hospitals & Health Networks magazine, recognizes hospitals that use information technology to better serve and treat patients and to better run business processes.
  • CMH is one of 11 hospitals in the nation to receive “Stage 6” Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption recognition from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics, an achievement shared by only 0.1 percent of hospitals in the United States.
  • Ash Grove Healthcare Facility in Ash Grove, Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility in Bolivar, Colonial Springs Healthcare Center in Buffalo and Community Springs Healthcare Facility in El Dorado Springs, are four of the more than 190 participating facilities to receive the Health Care Facility Management Safety Performance Award for loss control and safety award.
  • CMH Home Health is recognized for high quality standards and a commitment to constant improvement by Primaris, Missouri’s federally-designed Medicare Quality Improvement Organization.  Home Health was one of 21 finalists across Missouri competing for this year’s Primaris Home Health Quality Award.
  • CMH partners with the Polk County Health Department and opens a Free Health Clinic in Bolivar in July.
  • The Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center at CMH opened in August.  The 19,700 square foot, two-story facility includes medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, support services and a patient library. It is staffed by board certified medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.  The $9 million Cancer Center is a collaboration between Citizens Memorial Healthcare and the Central Care Cancer Center.
  • Donald J. Babb, chief executive officer/executive director of Citizens Memorial Healthcare is presented with the Missourian Award at a ceremony in September at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City.  Presented by the American Heart Association, the Missourian Award is given annually to nominees who have made an outstanding contribution to their state or nation in civics, business, education, politics or the arts.
  • CMH hosts its fifth annual Burgundy Ball, a community appreciation event in September.  More than 600 people from Bolivar and the surrounding communities attend the event. The featured speaker was legendary boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard.
  • CMH opens the Women’s Services Center featuring digital mammography.
  • CMH Home Health named to the 2008 HomeCare Elite, a compilation of the most successful Medicare-certified home health care providers in the United States. This annual review identifies the top 25 percent of agencies, ranked by an analysis of performance measures in quality outcomes, quality improvement and financial performance.
  • Record number of babies born at CMH – totaling 542.


  • Major technology improvements made to the Radiology Department, including a new 64-slice SOMATOM Definition AS CT scanner, upgraded MRI equipment including cardiology and orthopaedic packages, Biograph PET/CT digital X-ray room, new mobile X-ray equipment, and remodelled reception area and waiting room. 
  • Colonial Springs Healthcare Center (CSHCC) in Buffalo receives recertification of Star Status in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Voluntary Protection Program (OSHA-VPP). 
  • Colonial Springs Healthcare Center in Buffalo, Parkview Healthcare Facility in Bolivar and Citizens Memorial Healthcare Facility in Bolivar were recognized for outstanding safety performance during the 2009 Health Care Facilities of Missouri (HCFM) Safety Conference.
  • CMH was named to the nation’s 100 “Most Wired” hospitals and health systems for the second time
  • Theresa Dill, administrator of Colonial Springs Healthcare Center, was named Missouri Health Care Association (MHCA) Administrator of the Year, District 4 for 2009.
  • CMH had 27 physicians honored in the July issue of 417 Magazine as the top physicians in their specific field of medicine.
  • Parkview Healthcare Facility, a CMH long-term care facility, received the My InnerView Excellence in Action Award for Workforce Satisfaction. PVHCF ranked in the top 10 percent in the nation for employee satisfaction at a long-term care facility.
  • All CMH long-term care facilities were declared deficiency-free by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHSS).
  • Citizens Memorial Home Health was named to the 2009 HomeCare Elite, a compilation of the most successful Medicare-certified home health care providers in the United States.
  • The CMH Walk-In Clinic opened in November 2009. The Sport and Occupational Medicine Clinic moved from the Douglas Medical Center to the CMH Walk-In Clinic and name was changed to the CMH Sports and Occupational Medicine Clinic.
  • CMH received a $500,000 from the USDA Rural Development Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant. The grant provides broadband, telecommunication and distance learning services to the rural parts of the CMH service area. CMH also received a $200,000 grant from the Missouri Foundation of Health that it plans on putting toward Telehealth.
  • Home Medical Equipment receives Joint Commission accreditation in July.
  • Citizens Memorial Healthcare hosted its sixth annual Burgundy Ball at the University Plaza in Springfield in September. The featured speaker was actress and comedian Vicki Lawrence.
  • CMH partners with the Dade County Health Department and opens a Free Health Clinic in Greenfield in December 2009.
  • 524 babies were born at The Birth Place in 2009.


  • CMH offers patient portal as a way for patients to view and update their clinic accounts including their medical records, medications, allergies, immunizations, upcoming appointments and account information. The patient portal also includes online bill pay for clinic accounts.
  • Citizens Memorial Healthcare (CMH) is the first rural hospital in the United States to achieve a Stage 7 Award from HIMSS Analytics for achieving a virtually paperless patient record environment and the most comprehensive use of electronic medical records (EMRs).
  • CMH partnered with Google Health™ to provide patients access to their personal health records (PHR). CMH is the first rural hospital and the third integrated health system in the U.S. to partner with Google Health.
  • Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, Mo., has been named to the HealthGrades Clinical Achievement list for Five-Star Rating for Total Hip Replacement in 2010.
  • Ash Grove Healthcare Facility (AGHCF) and Parkview Healthcare Facility (PVHCF), CMH long-term care facilities, for receiving the My InnerView “Best in Class” Award for Customer and Workforce Satisfaction. PVHCF and AGHCF were ranked in the top 10 percent in the nation for satisfaction. Only three facilities in the state of Missouri received the award.
  • CMH partners with the Dallas County Health Department and opens a Free Health Clinic in Buffalo in April.
  • Three board certified orthopedic surgeons joined Parkview Orthopaedic Clinic in April including David Hicks, M.D., Thomas McClain, M.D. and Paul Olive, M.D. They join Michael Grillot, M.D., David Rogers, M.D. and Ron Smith, M.D.
  • Lori Terrell, CMT, RCA, a certified nursing assistant at Ash Grove Healthcare Facility (AGHCF), a Citizens Memorial Healthcare (CMH) facility in Ash Grove, was nominated for the 2010 Long-term Care (LTC) Ombudsman Recognition Award.
  • Citizens Memorial Healthcare (CMH) was named to the nation’s 100 “Most Wired” hospitals and health systems for the third time. 
  • Tim Francka, administrative director for CMH long-term care, for being named the Missouri Health Care Association Administrator of the Year.
  • CMH hosts 7th Annual Burgundy Ball.  NASCAR legend Kyle Petty was the featured speaker.
  • CMH receives prestigious Missouri Quality Award for 2010.
  • Tremain Family Foundation has provided the lead gift for a hospitality house. The Tremain Family Hospitality House will be an expanded service for patients receiving treatment and care at the Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center (CJBCC) at CMH.
  • CMH purchases a facility to consolidate all Stockton clinic and support services in one location. Located at 1521 S. 3rd St., in Stockton, CMH is remodeling the 12,000 sq. ft. two story facility to house the Stockton Family Medical Center on the upper level and the Stockton Home Medical Equipment and Stockton Rehabilitation Center on the lower level. Also included will be a phase III cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation program.
  • CMH starts Bioness rehabilitation treatment system at Colonial Springs Healthcare Center in Buffalo. CSHCC is the only long-term care facility in Missouri offering both hand and leg treatments in the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation setting. The system helps patients recover from stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and incomplete spinal cord injury to regain muscle control and provide a better quality of life.
  • CMH welcomes new physician J. Douglas Horner, D.O., board certified radiologist, in September.
  • CMH welcomes husband and wife physicians, Jacque P. LeBeau,M.D., board certified otolaryngologist, and Melissa J. Kokoszka, M.D., board certified anesthesiologist, to the medical staff. Dr. LeBeau is in practice at the CMH ENT-Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic.
  • CMH hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the CMH Telehealth Program on Dec. 10 at CMHCF. CMH installed 15 telehealth video conferencing units in 10 clinics and five long-term care facilities. Residents can see physicians via high-definition video over a secure network by connecting to the Missouri Telehealth Network.
  • Miles for Smiles mobile dental unit treated 3,213 students in 2010 – a new record. Miles for Smiles travels to schools in 10 counties in southwest Missouri and will expand to 12 counties in 2011.
  • CMH added three general surgeons to the surgery staff: Brian Biggers, M.D., Charles Dunn, M.D. and Chapman Olive, M.D. They are in practice at the Bolivar Surgical Clinic.
  • 527 babies were born at The Birth Place in 2010.


  • Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder presented the Senior Service Award to Jim Friend, Citizens Memorial Healthcare Hospice Volunteer.
  • CMH added two board certified general surgeons to the surgery staff: Martin Tyson, D.O., and Pedram Zendehrouh, M.D. They join Brent Bartgis, D.O. and Wayne Wolf, D.O. in practice at CMH Surgical Services. Dr. Martin Tyson is board certified in general surgery, and surgical critical care, and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Pedram Zendehrouh is board certified in general surgery and surgical critical care and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
  • Garry Brown, D.O., M.S., board certified radiation oncologist for Central Care Cancer Center at CMH, joined the medical staff in February and is in practice at the Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center.
  • Faye Barham was awarded the Lillian Hutcheson Award at the CMH Auxiliary Annual Appreciation Banquet in April.  Faye has been an active member of the Auxiliary for more than 11 years.
  • CMH was awarded the 2011 Economic Impact Award at a dinner held on July 21 sponsored by Springfield Business Journal. The award was given to CMH for its economic impact on the Springfield area community.
  • CMH was named a 2011 Dynamic Dozen Award honoree by Springfield Business Journal on March 3.
  • Fifty-six teams competed in the 21st Annual CMH Medical Excellence Golf Classic in June.  Sponsors donated nearly $50,000 for the CMH Medical Excellence Scholarship Fund.  To date, the fund has provided more than $1.6 million to more than 400 students.
  • This summer CMH was named to the nation’s 100 “Most Wired” hospitals and health systems for the fourth year, and the seventh year overall. The Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study recognizes hospitals that use information technology to better serve and treat patients and to better run business processes.
  • 35 physicians were recognized as 2011 “Top Docs” by 417 magazine in July.
  • Lake Stockton Healthcare Facility (formerly named Stockton Nursing Home) merged with CMH September 1, 2011.
  • Opened new Stockton Family Medical Center, Stockton Home Medical Equipment and Stockton Rehabilitation Center in August 2011.
  • Dr. Roger Merk, medical director of emergency services at CMH, is board certified in emergency medicine. He joined the medical staff in August. Dr. Michele Brother is a hospitalist. She is board certified in internal medicine and hospice and palliative care. She also joined the medical staff in August.
  • CMH hosted its eighth annual Burgundy Ball at the University Plaza in Springfield on September 24. Actor Henry Winkler, “The Fonz,” entertained 600 guests with stories from “Happy Days” and life experiences. More than $23,000 was raised during the live and silent auctions, which go to support programs and services at the Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center at CMH.
  • Also during the program, the Donald J. Babb Award was presented to Gene Hutcheson, Linda Buffington, Mike Stephens and Michelle Morris. The recipients of the Donald J. Babb Award are unique friends and supporters of CMH and have used their influence and energy to improve healthcare delivery in Bolivar and surrounding area.
  • Dr. Matt Stunkel, dentist for the CMH Miles for Smiles mobile dentistry program, joined the medical staff in September. He provides dental care to uninsured and Medicaid-eligible children in southwest Missouri. The unit travels to elementary schools in a 12-county area to provide oral exams, cleanings, X-rays, sealants, fillings, extractions, and other restorative and preventative services.
  • The CMH Wound and Hyperbaric Center opened in October 2011. Using state-of-the-art technology and proven clinical protocols, patients with chronic, non-healing wounds experience earlier recovery and less hospitalization at the CMH Wound and Hyperbaric Center.
  • CMH opened the Southside Medical Center in October 2011. It is conveniently located next to Stephens Pharmacy and CMH Home Medical Equipment and is now accepting new patients.
  • CMH contracted with the Cedar County Ambulance District to provide ambulance services in Cedar County expanding CMH’s service area to include Polk, Hickory and Cedar Counties. The new service began Jan. 1.

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