How Do You Know Your Loved One is ready for Long Term Care?

Long term care is not a topic that is often discussed with ease.  For many families, the decision to transfer a loved one from the comforts of their home, to a long term care facility is the result of a difficult and often arduous journey.  So how can you and your family members know your loved one is ready for the CMH long term care family? 

1)      When a loved one says they are ready.  Although we often see this process portrayed on TV and in movies as dramatic, there are many individuals who simply come to the realization they can no longer care for themselves.  This may be felt after a recent surgery, illness or continued development of a chronic disease.

2)      When a loved one is not safe.  This includes, but is not limited to: a loved one leaving their home and forgetting where they are going, wandering, forgetting to turn off electrical appliances (iron, coffee pot, etc.), having the ability to go up and down stairs safely, posting sticky notes with names and numbers or birthdays and taking on activities that are not a good match for their physical capacity.

3)       When the family is ready.  Caring for a loved one who may be homebound, has a chronic disease, or simply is not able to be alone 24/7 is a daunting task for the family members involved.  Often, the family caregiver is juggling a career, marriage, family and family activities in addition to the care of their loved one.  Though families certainly do not want to “give up” on their loved one, a sense of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion on the part of the caregiver is a good indication their loved one is ready for long term care.

The long term care facilities at CMH are always open for you and your family members to visit and tour.  If you’d like to schedule a no-pressure visit, please contact my office at: 417-326-6252.     

Next week, I’ll share with you “How to Pay for Long Term Care.”

Have a wonderful week!

Aileen Kelley RN, BC

LTC Admissions & Case Manager




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